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Application Fee for new
School Candidates... $750.00

Provisional Member Fee
(for one year).……….. $750.00
Annual Dues for Accredited Members:

Grade Level Accredited Member

Schools with grades under 6 $250.00

Up to 6th Grade $300.00

Up to 8th Grade $350.00

Up to 9th Grade $400.00

Up to 12th Grade $450.00

1. All payments and dues are NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Annual dues are to be paid by September 30th of each school year. Accredited member schools that have not paid their annual dues within 90 days, (or by December 31st), shall lose their status as active members and will not be reinstated until all dues are paid in full. In addition, accredited schools will be required to submit each year an "Annual Report Form" indicating new enrollment figures and any pertinent changes with regard to faculty, philosophies, school improvements, etc.

3. In the event an Accredited school is sold, the new Administration of the school will have ninety (90) days from the date of sale to submit a new "Application Form", together with the $750.00 fee, in order to re-apply for accreditation. Within a one year period, the school must submit a new "Self-Study", using the latest COBIS Standards as guidelines. The President will then designate an "Evaluation Committee" which will be encouraged to visit the school as soon as possible and to submit a "Final Report" to the Board. Based on this Report, the Evaluation Committee will then make recommendations of either accepting the school as a "Provisional Member" or, if violations are observed, denying accreditation. If only minor changes within the school are observed, the status of "Provisional Member" may be waived based on the recommendations of the "Evaluation Committee". Once either a "Provisional" or an "Accredited" member status is assigned, the appropriate dues will immediately be due and payable by the new Administration, regardless of when they were previously paid.